Nature’s Cancer Remedies: Organic Prostate Cancer Treatments

Prostate cancer affects more than 200,000 men every year in the United States alone. Worldwide statistics for prostate cancer continue to grow exponentially, and with the continued modernization of 2nd and 3rd world nations the number of cases is likely to increase. While these numbers may seem grim, when detected early the recovery rate for men with prostate cancer is very high. Men approaching their mid to late forties should make it a point to have regular screenings for this form of cancer, as early detection is the first step to any successful treatment.

The precise cause of prostate cancer remains undetermined, but certain factors do seem to be linked to the occurrence of the disease. Heredity, hormone imbalances, advancing age and exposure to environmental toxins all appear to be linked to the onset of prostate cancer in most men. In its early stages, prostate cancer may present few, if any, outward symptoms. As the cancer develops, however, symptoms will begin to manifest themselves. These include difficulty urinating, blood in the urine, back and genital pain, fatigue and weight loss.

Conventional treatments for prostate cancer continue to rely on invasive techniques to combat the disease. Chemotherapy, drugs and surgery remain the standard of treatment for most instances of prostate cancer. But these treatments come with a number of unpleasant side effects. Chemotherapy, while destroying the cancerous cells, also seriously compromises the patient’s immune system. Surgery can also have adverse effects on a man’s general health and quality of life. Rather than endure these unwanted side effects, many men are turning to more natural treatments. Men with prostate cancer are finding that through a combination of holistic therapies and faith they can return to optimal health.

Prostate Cancer and Nutrition

Nutrition plays a large part in the recovery from any disease, and prostate cancer is no different. Strategic changes to a patient’s diet can have significant pro-active effects on their health. Cancer patients should first begin to remove potentially harmful items from their daily diets, including refined sugars, salt, processed meats and dairy products. The benefits of a largely vegetarian diet continue to gain credence in cancer studies around the world. While it can be a definite challenge for some, moving away from a meat based diet can have great therapeutic effects for men with prostate cancer.

As men make changes to their dietary routine, it is important that they begin to add nutritionally powerful foods to their regular menu. Fresh organic fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts contain nutrients that retard the growth of cancer cells and should be a part of every cancer fighting diet. Tomatoes, carrots and other rich sources of lycopene and beta-carotene also aid in the fight against cancer, and should be added to an already healthy diet.

Nutritional supplements may also be taken to help prevent the growth and reproduction of cancerous cells. Specifically vitamins A, D and E are powerful antioxidants that help the body fight off new cancerous growths. Minerals, such as selenium, calcium and magnesium, also have distinct anti-cancer properties that make it increasingly difficult for the cancerous cells to thrive. Men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer will want to consult a holistic clinician to help them devise a dietary regimen, complete with nutritional supplements, that addresses their specific needs as a cancer patient.

Christian Health Retreats offer Support

A diagnosis of prostate cancer can leave men reeling, and men can benefit greatly from the experiences to be found at a Christian Health Retreat. In addition to a much needed retreat from the day to day stresses of life, especially at a time when fear and anxiety may be uppermost in their minds, men can receive much needed nutritional and spiritual counseling. The resident holistic clinicians can help men devise a cancer fighting nutritional plan, and can teach them exercises that will help improve their overall health and stamina. A stay at a Christian health retreat also gives men the much needed time and tranquility to come to terms with their condition by meditating on the word of God, and praying for His guidance. The combination of prayer, praise and worship can help patients find the inner peace and strength to mount a successful fight against the cancer which is attacking their body. With the support of spiritual advisers, clinicians and nutritionists, men can reclaim their health as well as their peace of mind. Renewed, revitalized and with a sound nutritional and spiritual battle plan, prostate cancer patients can return to their daily lives armed with the weapons they need to overcome their cancer.

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