Ankita Lokhande Takes Pregnancy Test Inside The House, Tells Vicky She Is Not Well

New Delhi: Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain’s relationship and its ups and downs have been one of the major highlights of Bigg Boss 17. In the latest episode of the show, Ankita is seen speaking with Vicky and telling her that she is not feeling well and has missed her periods. 

Ankita tells Vicky, “Main thak gayi hu mentally. Main sach mein thak gayi hu. Mereko lagraha hai main bimar hun. Mereko feeling arahi hai andar se.  I am not well. Mere periods ni arahe. Mujhe ghar jana hai. (I am mentally tired. I think that I am sick. I have missed my periods. I want to go home.)”  

Ankita Lokhande added, “Pagal nahi hu main. Mereko itna pata hai mai kya bolrhi hu. Blood test hua hai mera, pregnancy ke liye. Kuch hai to nahi andar. Aaj reports nahi aaye uske baad urine test hua hai mera. Main upar neeche horhi hu. Cheeze upar neecha horhi hain. Mereko kuch to horaha hai na. (I have gone through blood tests to check whether I am pregnant. I had the test yesterday and today, they did my urine test. My emotions are going up and down, I am going through something which I can’t explain. I am confused and I am not blaming you for it.)” 

Earlier, when Bigg Boss announced that Vicky would be shifted to the Dimaag room, Ankita got upset with Vicky’s reaction. She felt that Vicky was delighted by the shifting of the room and was not concerned about her. Ankita also pushed him away with her leg.  

Angry Ankita told Vicky: “You are such a selfish idiot. Dimaag kharaab hogayi sach main tere saath rehkar. Ab bhool jaa ke hum shaadi shuda hai. Aaj se tu alag main alag. Shaatir. Tune mujhe use kiya hai hamesha.” 

In the latest Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan had called out Vicky for his behaviour towards Ankita.